Growth Coaching for Small Business Owners



Craft a Mission Statement that actually inspires your team to work together toward common goals and your shared vision of success.


Clarify your marketing message to attract more of the right prospects and convert more of those prospects into customers.


Lead your team to manage the day-to-day operational details so you can focus on the "big rocks" that will actually move the needle.

Growing a $1 Million Business is Hard

That's why only 1 in 9 business owners make it

❌ Have you reached a point where you just don't know what else to try?

❌ Feeling alone, with no one to talk with who really understands?

❌ Are you the "Rainmaker" (best or only salesperson) in your company?

❌ Wondering how to make your company standout in a crowded marketplace?

Hi, I'm Eric


Hi, I'm Eric
Your Scaling Up Guide

As a serial entrepreneur, I know how it feels. I've had those sleepless nights, wondering how I was going to make payroll.
I'm an MBA, systems thinker who grew my first startup to $5.5 million in less than 5 years. And then sold it for 7 figures. More recently, I helped lead a $40 million tech company to record breaking sales.

You'll learn how to create and execute a growth strategy to scale up your business to 7 figures so you can do what you love in your business. And in your personal life.
Take off with your Scaling Up Guide
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Here's what coaching can do for you...

Loop 1

Strategy Workshops

Focus on What Matters Most

We'll do a deep dive into your growth strategy during 3 separate workshops. These are hands-on working sessions. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to burn some mental calories.

Adults learn by doing. That's why I deliver our workshops over three 90-minute sessions with homework before and after. Usually one session per week, but we can go at whatever pace works best for you.

Workshop Sessions...
  • Mission Statement
  • Marketing Message
  • Sales Strategy


Flight Plan

Copilot Mastermind

Brainstorm Better

Collaborate with me and 5 or 6 other small business owners who understand what you're going through. And who can help you "verbal process" your creative ideas without frustrating and confusing your employees. 

A Copilot Mastermind is the right choice if you're seeking cost-effective structured support and accountability from a growth-focused group of your peers with diverse expertise and collective goals.


  • 60-minute small group mastermind Zoom calls every 2 weeks
  • One Quick Q&A call per week
  • Unlimited email support (24 hour response)

$1,197 every 3 months
Or $500 per month

Loop 3

Navigator Coaching

Go Farther, Faster

I'll guide you one-on-one every step of the way, initially following the Small Business Flight School framework (sells separately for $2,495) to make sure we're building on a solid foundation. 

Navigator Coaching is best choice for personalized and in-depth guidance, confidential discussions, and the flexibility to go at your pace and make sure you're getting exactly what you need. When you need it.


  • Small Business Flight School
  • 60-minute Zoom calls 1:1 with me every 2 weeks
  • Copilot Mastermind (no extra charge)
  • Quick Q&A calls as needed
  • Unlimited email support (24 hour response)

$3,997 every 3 months
Or $1,600 per month

Small Business Flight School


  • The Flight School curriculum and actionable playbooks ($2,500 value)
  • Weekly Q&A calls with Business Made Simple experts ($3,500 value)
  • Quarterly Q&A calls with Donald Miller ($3,000 value)
  • Access to the exclusive Flight School community ($1,000)

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Have a complete business growth plan to help you double your revenue
  • Grow your confidence in knowing exactly what to work on to get results
  • Have a long-term operations and growth plan to ensure your lasting success

Watch the video below to see Donald Miller explain Small Business Flight School.



You can also Buy Small Business Flight School for $2,495 if you'd rather do it yourself (DIY).

Getting Started is Super Simple


1. Take The Free Assessment

Invest 12 minutes to see how your business is really doing.


2. Get Professional Feedback

Review your report with me to get very specific tips on your business.


3. Build Your 7 Figure Business

Create and execute a growth strategy that actually works.

Knowing what's really going on with your business shouldn't be a mystery.

In 12 minutes, you'll have a detailed report on the health of your company. And a customized plan to start growing it again.

Watch this short video to see what to expect from your free business report. 


MBR Stacked Image

After you get your report, we will schedule a FREE 50-minute strategy session so I can give you very specific tips on your products, marketing, and sales strategies.

Of course, I hope you choose one of the programs above so we can keep working together. But if not, this free strategy session is my gift to you. See why I do this here.

This Free Assessment is for you if...

✈︎ You own your business and work in it full-time.

✈︎ You sell a proven product or service with high-growth potential.

✈︎ Your sales are stuck between $250k and $1 million.

✈︎ You're ready to professionalize your operation with better systems and processes.



100% Return On Investment
Money Back Guarantee

You have my personal promise!


I take your trust in me very seriously. You have my personal promise...

If you show up and do your part for 6 months, and your gross profit doesn't increase by at least 2X your investment, I wouldn't feel right about keeping your money. 

I'll give you back 100% of your investment. No hassles. Guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )


Why should I hire you?

Most real estate coaches focus on sales training. Many of them are fantastic if that's what you need. I'm here to help you build a business. 

I bring a fresh perspective with experience in multiple industries to help you think outside the typical box (with a garage). 🤣

I also have real estate experience from a different perspective.  I was in the lead generation business during my 8 years with 

I won the President's Club travel award by focusing my sales team on the right prospects, restructuring territories and incentives, and developing better lead generating products. 

Do you only work with team leaders?

Yes. Brokers and agents who lead a team of other agents and support functions. 

While solo agents are "in business" too, my experience and focus is on helping you build a "real" business and lead a team of other people. 

What's included with unlimited* support?

Support is generally limited to topics we covered during our most recent meeting. You will normally get a response to your email the next weekday morning.

Some programs also include Huddles: 15 minute phone calls for a quick Q&A to keep the ball moving in the right direction.

You want to build a 7 figure business so you can do what you love in your business, and in your personal life.

But if you don't change anything, where will your business be in 6 months? Will you be another statistic? Or the 1 business owner out of 9 who actually makes it?

What are you waiting for?
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